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·         New - God’s Strange Act


·         NewAn enquiry answered


·         For God so loved the world


·         Statements where Ellen White referred to the Holy Spirit as ‘it’


·         Holy Spirit: Compilation of spirit of prophecy statements


·         The Silent Editing of Past Literature


·         The divine persons of God and Christ


·          Concerning Christ








·         A brief sketch of my journey from trinitarianism to non-trinitarianism


·         Some things are not easily explained


·         A simple guide to understanding the trinity doctrine – its theology, its history and its implications


·         A study of the Godhead – as it pertains to Seventh-day Adventism


·         A research paper on the history of the trinity doctrine within the early Christian church and within Seventh-day Adventism


·         The Spear article


·         Be not deceived – Christ really is the Son of God