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·          New – A Brief Overview of Father and Son Theology


·          New - The Development of Trinity Theology within the SDA Church Part 2 (the Father and the Son)


·          The Development of Trinity Theology within the SDA Church Part 1 (the trinity doctrine)


·          The human nature of the incarnate Christ


·           Is Christ God?


·           Revamped - A research paper on the history of the trinity doctrine within the early Christian church and within Seventh-day Adventism


·           Revamped - The begotten series


·           A study of the Godhead – as it pertains to Seventh-day Adventism


·           The 1939 Washburn letter to the General Conference


·           Some things are not easily explained


·           My response to the Ellen G. White Estate’s claim that Ellen White was a trinitarian


·           The official 1936 (non-trinitarian) Godhead beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists


·           A brief sketch of my journey from trinitarianism to non-trinitarianism


·           A simple guide to understanding the trinity doctrine – its theology, its history and its implications


·           My rebuttal of a SDA minister’s claims


·           A reply to a trinitarian understanding of the death of Jesus (another response to Max Hatton’s views)


·           My response to Max Hatton’s challenge


·           God’s Strange Act


·           An enquiry answered


·           For God so loved the world


·           Statements where Ellen White referred to the Holy Spirit as ‘it’


·           Holy Spirit: Compilation of spirit of prophecy statements


·           The Silent Editing of Past Literature


·           The divine persons of God and Christ


·           Concerning Christ


·           Beware


·           Concerning the Holy Spirit (an email to a friend)


·           The Spear article


·           Be not deceived – Christ really is the Son of God


·           What think ye of Christ?


·           The Son of God (Scripture only)


·           The Son of God (including Ellen White comments)


·           Is the Holy Spirit a person?


·           No more than swine’s blood


·           Who or what died at Calvary?


·           The unaddressed issue


·           1+1+1=One. Is this a biblical explanation of God or philosophical speculation?


·           A brief undocumented overview of the history of the rejection and the acceptance of the trinity doctrine within Seventh-day Adventism


·           The role of Ellen White within Seventh-day Adventism


·           Three choices


·           Other articles


·           Survey – Two thought provoking questions


·           Jesus gives us signs of His return


·           The Two Covenants